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Kodiak’s bounty of white, wooly beasts

Alaska Mountain Goat Hunting

While there are plenty of Sitka black-tailed deer on Kodiak, hunters may also see mountain goats, with their beautiful, bright, white coats, scattered about or in groups among a rocky ledge.

Mountain goats are not native to Kodiak and were first introduced in 1952. Their population has since swelled to bountiful proportions.

For more info on this hunt #RG480. Click image to take you to the hunt page @ the ADF&G.

Goat hunting population and statistics

Regulations are adjusted based on population, and mountain goat numbers are high enough that there is considerable opportunity for hunters.

The mountain goats on Kodiak usually weigh in at around 120 to 170 pounds, but there are reports of billies weighing up to 245 pounds. They hang out on rocky ledges, grassy fields, and just about any terrain of the island.

Quick facts about our Mountain Goat hunts

  • Season: Oct 1 – 31st (during deer hunting season)
  • ADF&G Hunt Number:  RG480.  Click here for more info…
  • Limit: 2 goats per person. Extra permit needed for 2nd goat.
  • Available for both residents and non-residents? Yes
  • Guided or unguided? Our hunts are unguided.  We are a hunt transporter/outfitter service.  Click here for more info

Required items to Hunt Mountain Goats on South Kodiak Island

#1 Alaska Hunting License

  • Buy online here @ the ADF&G
  • In person at any ADF&G office in Anchorage, Soldotna, Palmer, Homer & Kodiak
  • Cabela’s, outdoor stores, supermarkets and various other ADF&G vendors in Alaska

#2 Permit for the
“RG480 Unit 8 Southwest Kodiak Mt Goat Registration Hunt”

You can buy after August 1st each year and it is valid till Jan 30 the following year.

Mountain Goat Gallery

Mountain Goat hunts are also a prospect on Kodiak.