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Boat Transportation for Black-Tailed Deer (& Mountain Goat) Hunting

Our Service

So you want to go hunting for Sitka black-tailed deer, and your plan is to go to Kodiak Island, where the landscape is breathtaking and the deer are plentiful. Are you going to camp in a tent? Rent a boat to get around and explore the best hunting ground?

Kodiak is home to a hardy and abundant population of Sitka black-tailed deer, as well as the Kodiak brown bear, which is one of the two largest bears alive today! There’s plenty to think about when preparing for your hunting trip.

Happy hunters after a very exciting day!
Game easily loaded with onboard via Crane

Just imagine this: having the luxury of transportation to the best hunting ground, coming in after your hunt to a warm meal, and processing your game under a safe, covered shelter. You may want to relax and share hunting stories, watch a movie, or just kick back and read a book before retiring to a warm bed.

Captain Steven Brown can provide all of these things for you aboard the F/V Naknek Spirit. He will take you to the best areas for hunting Sitka black-tailed deer around Greater Deadman Bay. Captain Steven has lived and hunted in Alaska since 1994, and it is his passion to provide his guests with a safe and unforgettable hunting adventure in the great Alaskan outdoors.

Capt. Steven & his wife Marcy
Enjoy 3 hearty meals a day while onboard.

Hunters will enjoy the comfort and safety of at least three hearty meals a day and heated sleeping quarters. No worries about attracting bears, as the game will be loaded aboard the F/V Naknek Spirit via crane, where a covered, heated area is provided for dressing your game. The boat comfortably houses six people, so after a day out hunting, you can enjoy some dinner and downtime with friends.

What We Can and Cannot Do as a Deer Hunt Transporter

Self-Guided Hunts Summary

We will provide you with mobility to prime hunting areas via the F/V Naknek Spirit, as well as a ride to shore on our rigid-hull skiff. You will be provided comfortable accommodations and a place to dress your game after the hunt.

Our skiff is available to transport hunters to the shoreline to hunt. Then back to the boat where catch may be craned up to the boat
Our skiff is available to transport self guided hunters to & from the shoreline
Don't worry about the weather or predators while harvesting your hunt in our heated harvesting shed.

You will be in charge of your own hunt and gear. You will want to bring the weapon of your choice, as well as a hunting knife and game bags or boxes. Make sure to have a current hunting license and proper tags. We’ll take care of keeping you comfortable and getting you to the best areas for your hunt.

As a Hunt Transporter, we are unable to do the following:

  • Guide you in the process of hunting- this means we CAN NOT TELL YOU where to HUNT.
  • Provide maps of any kind for targeting game – please research areas prior to booking.
  • Assist removal of your game from the field, other than by providing the transportation.
  • Assist in the skinning, de-boning, or butchering of your meat once on board.
  • Assist in the care of meat while on/off-board.
  • Provide ANY hunting equipment necessary to hunt, remove, or clean game – we do provide fishing gear and processing.

Kodiak Deer Hunts will

provide the following:

  1. Safe, dry living quarters aboard the 110-foot F/V Naknek Spirit.
  2. Round-trip airfare from Kodiak to vessel.
  3. Three hearty meals a day and snacks.
  4. Shower and household-style toilet.
  5. Bed with storage space (*bring a light sleeping bag) for personal belongings.
  6. Two knuckle cranes to raise and lower skiffs into the water, and to lift game onboard.
  7. Dry game storage room available for entire hunt.
  8. TVs with countless movies and board games for entertainment.
  9. Mobility to nearby hunting grounds to increase chances of harvesting game.

You will need to make

the following preparations:

  1. Arrange transportation to Kodiak City.
  2. Bring layers of outdoor clothing, light sleeping bag and toiletries (medications etc.). 
  3. Have a current hunting license and proper hunting tags. Click here licensing & tag information.
  4. Bring a firearm of choice—please consider where you will be hunting in selecting your firearm.
  5. Pack three to four extra sets of clothing.

More Information

What else should I consider bringing on my deer hunt?

  1. Breathable waders.
  2. Layers of hunting clothes, light rain gear, walking poles.
  3. A sharp hunting knife and game bags/meat boxes. Ship crew cannot assist with butchering one’s game, as per law.
  4. Proper shipping arrangements to ship your game and gear back to the mainland.
  5. Dramamine, in case of seasickness during transit. We will be anchored in protected waters the rest of the time.
  6. Field pack, quality binoculars, plenty of ammo, light twine, hunting boots and everyday shoes (to wear on the boat), and gloves.
  7. Naknek Spirit, LLC. does not provide alcohol, so you must bring your own, if you choose. Please make your party aware that for liability and safety concerns, we ask that alcohol consumption is within good reason and judgment.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us at 907-398-1206 for pricing.
Limit Of Six Hunters Per Week.

Click here to check for availability.

50% deposit is due upon initial reservation for deer hunting trip, while the remaining balance is due 30 days prior to departure time.

Checks, cashiers checks and money orders are only accepted at this time.

What Day Do Hunter Charters Start/End?

Weather permitting, we plan to change out hunters every Friday. It is strongly encouraged that you arrive the night prior to your flight out.

When is the Kodiak Island deer hunting season?

The hunting season typically runs from October 1st – Dec 31st.